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Being Prepared for Accidents During This Holiday Season

Tips to Keep in Mind to Prevent a West Virginia Car Accident

Posted on December 22, 2018

The statistics are stacked against you during the holiday season when it comes to Christmas and New Years celebrations, as this is when the most accidents are experienced on our roads. If you have plans to travel for the holidays this year, it is extremely important that you take some tips to heart so that you can prevent serious and sometimes even fatal accidents on our roads.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the month of December is one of the most dangerous months when it comes to fatal accidents. In fact, during the holidays from 2001-2005, 42% of fatalities that happened on the roadways took place around New Year’s and 38% happened on Christmas Day when individuals travel from place to place. Many of the accidents that took place and led to fatalities involved alcohol.

It is important to remember some steps when it comes to caring for yourself and your loved ones on the road so that you can stay safe and enjoy this holiday season together.

Tips for Safe Holiday Driving 

Being Prepared for Accidents During This Holiday SeasonPlanning: If you are looking to embark on a trip with your family this holiday season, you want to ensure that you have planned properly for your travels. You want to make sure that your vehicle is in its best condition and that you pay close attention to the weather conditions that you might be facing along the way. Make sure you have tools for the road such as windshield scrapers, spare tires, and more. 

Staying Alert: You want to ensure that you are well-rested before you travel. Between 2009-2013, 72,000 crashes across the U.S. took place during the holiday seasons due to drivers being exhausted and not resting before embarking on a long journey. Be sure to take breaks so that you don’t put yourself and your loved ones at risk.

Paying Attention to Speed: Speeding is just one other risk factor that contributes to serious accidents during the holidays. The faster you travel on the roads when there is congestion and many other people traveling from place to place, the greater the likelihood that you will be involved in a fatal or injury-causing accident.

Avoiding Alcohol: If you plan on driving, stay away from alcohol. It is a better idea to use a designated driver if you decide that you want to drink at holiday parties. Many accidents are caused by these reckless decisions every year, which lead to loss of lives.

Avoiding Distractions: Many people will engage in texting and driving this holiday season, but you should avoid being one of them. Even taking your eyes off the road to look at a text while going 55 mph for five seconds is like traveling the distance of a football field with blindfolds on. It is important to put the cell phone down and stay focused on the road ahead.

At Katz Kantor Stonestreet & Buckner, we want you to remember how important it is to stay safe on the roads this holiday season. Though many accidents will occur this year, you want to do what it takes to avoid them at all costs and enjoy the holidays with your family. We are here for you to help you discover what rights you have if you have been injured in a serious accident. Contact us today for more information at 304-431-4050.

Note: Secondary sources were used to create this piece and, because of this, the information included has not been independently verified. If you notice a factual issue with our posting, please bring it to our attention and we will correct or remove it as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Our intent in these posts it to bring attention to the dangers members in our community face and to encourage caution. Accidents do happen and we hope these posts help those affected. However, this information should not be misconstrued as legal or medical advice, and we urge you to contact a trained legal professional for more information regarding your specific situation.

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