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Workplace Accidents

People dedicate a lot of time and effort working hard to provide for their families. That is why a workplace injury can be so devastating. A workplace injury can affect the whole family. If you are injured at work, there are many sources of compensation that can help you take care of yourself and your family. However, without the right attorney on your side, you may forfeit the compensation that you need for yourself and your family. At Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner, we have over 80 years of experience helping people who have been injured or lost a loved one due to a workplace accident get the compensation they need and deserve. Call us at 304-431-4050 or contact us online and we will get the ball rolling as quickly as possible to get you the maximum compensation possible.

Coal Mining Accidents

Mining is one of the most dangerous industries, with thousands of minors being hurt or killed every year worldwide in mines. Some of the most common mining dangers include cave-ins, gas explosions, vehicle or equipment collisions, being crushed, chemical leakage, electrocution, fires, heat stroke, black lung, air quality problems, carbon monoxide, and many others. The United States Bureau of Mines (USBM) regulates the mining industry. The USBM protects miners and provides a way for miners to report any dangerous conditions. Our firm has the experience and knowledge to understand the regulations that may have been violated, and the dangers that miners face.

Gas Accidents

The Gas Pipeline Safety Division regulates and enforces safety standards in the gas pipeline industry. Some of the most common gas industry related injuries are fires, explosions, burns, gas leaks, excavation accidents, and equipment related injuries. We have experience handling cases involving gas industry accidents. If you have been injured while working in the gas industry, we have the knowledge and experience you need on your side to protect your rights and get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Sources of Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

The primary source of compensation for injuries that occur at work is the West Virginia worker’s compensation program. Worker’s compensation is an insurance that protects workers by compensating them for their medical bills and loss of income; however, there are other ways that someone injured at work can be compensated.

A Civil Lawsuit

We may recommend a civil suit if your work related injury was caused by an employer’s intentional or negligent actions, or the negligence of a third party. For example, if the employer has failed to ensure a safe work environment by violating the laws set out to protect employees, they may be liable if their deliberate intent to violate a rule can be proven. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration sets out regulations that are designed to protect workers. If the employer knowingly violated one of these regulations, and this violation resulted in your injury, they are likely responsible for compensating you.

Third Party Liability

If the accident was caused by someone other than the employer or a co-worker, you still may have a proper claim for a lawsuit. For example, an accident caused by defective equipment or machinery, or an automobile or truck accident that happened while working can be covered under a third-party liability type of lawsuit.

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If you are in the Southern West Virginia area and have been injured in the workplace or lost a loved one due to a workplace accident, contact us today for representation by compassionate attorneys who will take your case personally. We strive to ensure you and your family will get the compensation you need after a devastating injury. We want to work for you. With offices in Princeton, Bluefield,  and Charleston West Virginia, we serve clients throughout southern West Virginia. Call 304-431-4050 for immediate assistance.

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