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Insurance Disputes

Insurance is supposed to be there if something bad happens; you pay your premiums every month so that if something unfortunate occurs, you will be covered financially. However, you may find that after you have suffered a loss or injury, your insurance company refuses to pay your claim. Many people assume that if the insurance refuses to pay, they have to take the burden of paying the bill out of their own pocket. This is not always the case; you may have been the victim of an improper denial of your claim, and you can dispute it. You need the right attorney on your side to help fight for you. If you have been denied coverage by your insurance company, you can fight it, and you may be able to get more than the amount of your claim. Our attorneys have the experience you need to get you the best possible result; call us at 304-431-4050 or contact us online.

Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance companies are required by law to operate in what is called good faith and fair dealing. All insurance types are held to this requirement, including auto insurance, health insurance, home owner’s insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance. Good faith and fair dealing means that they have to act honestly and pay legitimate claims without unreasonable delay. If an insurance company acts in bad faith, you may have a West Virginia bad faith insurance claim. This means that you have a civil law suit in which you may be able to get more money than the original face value of the insurance policy.

Insurance bad faith includes:

  • Denial of a reasonable insurance claim
  • Giving an unreasonably low settlement
  • Poor investigation or no investigation at all of the facts of your claim
  • Unreasonable delay in evaluation or payment of your claim
  • A refusal to pay benefits of the policy
  • Fraud and deceitful actions

Coverage Disputes and Claim Denials

Sometimes the insurance company will pay part of your bill and refuse to pay some portion of the bill by claiming that particular charge is not one covered by the plan. For example, if you go to the dentist to have a procedure and you also get sedation for the procedure, the insurance company may pay for the procedure but not the sedation. Often insurance companies will use tricky wording in the policy, and if the doctor doesn’t put the exact right language that the insurance policy requires in their chart, the insurance company will claim that you are not covered; leaving you with a bill you shouldn’t have to pay. With the right representation on your side, you can recover the amount you are owed, and sometimes more if the insurance company acts especially badly.

An insurance company may deny your whole claim even if your claim should be paid by the insurance company. You have held up your end of the bargain by paying your premiums, but the insurance company is focused on profit and will do everything they can to avoid paying out a claim. Sometimes an insurance company may even lie or create such tricky policies that they are considered deceitful. If your insurance company is not holding up their end of the deal and is denying you the benefits you deserve from your policy, you may be owed compensation above and beyond your insurance claim amount. An experienced attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve from your improperly denied claim.

For Help Disputing Wrongfully Denied Insurance Claims, Contact us Today for your Free Consultation.

You may be able to dispute your denial and get money damages above the value of your claim if your insurance company has acted in bad faith. Don’t let the insurance company wrongfully burden you with a bill that they should be paying. With our experience in handling insurance disputes, our attorneys can help you get the best result. If you are in the Southern West Virginia area and have been denied coverage by your insurance company, you may be owed compensation. Contact us today at our offices in Princeton and Charleston WV

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