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Who is Liable For Your Plane Accident Injuries?

Who is Liable For Your Plane Accident Injuries?

Many people are fascinated by the power of airplanes but also terrified of them and the reality
that you could be involved in a crash at any time. There have been many advances in aviation
over the years, which has improved the likelihood that you will make it home without a scratch
after flying on a plane. However, no matter how safe any type of transportation can be, there is
still the chance that an accident will occur.

The cause of an airplane crash is almost always attributable to some type of pilot error,
according to research that has taken place since the 50s. Very few issues are related to anything
else, with 15% being linked to weather factors and 5% being linked to mechanical issues. Other
factors that cause accidents on our airlines every year include traffic controller errors, inclement
weather that was not anticipated, and sabotage acts. Several large crashes have taken place over
the years, but they are rare. If you have been involved in an airplane accident and survived, what
options do you have?

Liability in Your Airplane Accident

Many airplane accidents end in catastrophic injuries and fatalities, as well as extensive property
damage that happens in the blink of an eye. If you have lived through an airplane accident, there
Who is Liable For Your Plane Accident Injuries?is a very real truth that you could receive neck, head, and brain injuries, broken limbs, internal bleeding, organ damage, or catastrophic spinal injuries. You might even receive burn injuries and respiratory issues as a result.

Blunt trauma is a likely injury because the crash landing can be quite severe, and may cause multiple fatalities. Surviving a plane accident, whether private or commercial, can be one of the most traumatic things you will ever go through, which is why you don’t want to go through it alone.

West Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in one of these accidents, one of the biggest questions you might have
could be this: Who is liable? Determining liability is one of the only ways that you can receive
the compensation you deserve as a victim and a way to help others discover how these accidents can
be prevented in the future. Of course, the two major people you might think of are the airline
companies and the pilot. If a pilot made an error and this led to your airplane accident, there is a
good chance that both the pilot and the airline themselves will share liability because they have
hired and trained the pilot to ensure that these accidents would not occur.

In other cases, a manufacturer might be held liable due to mistakes that were made in the
manufacturing or design process of the airplane. If any defective errors were made, you might be
able to bring a lawsuit against the company responsible for these errors as you move forward.
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