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Working to Prevent Rollover Accidents on West Virginia Roadways

Working to Prevent Rollover Accidents on West Virginia Roadways

Every year, many individuals will need the help of an experienced West Virginia car accident attorney to assist them with their personal injury claims after they have been injured. One of the most common but injurious types of accidents that takes place on our roads is the rollover accident. These accidents are known for being some of the most dangerous, with a high fatality rate. 35% of all deaths from passenger vehicle crashes are actually rollovers, which shows us that more must be done to prevent these accidents.

Understanding what causes rollover accidents and figuring out how to prevent them can help save lives and cause fewer injuries each year due to vehicle accidents. Many of these accidents can be prevented and we would like to offer our support at this time.

The Main Causes of Rollover Accidents in West Virginia

Loss of Control: One of the main causes of rollover accidents in West Virginia is due to a loss of control when a driver is unable to stop in time or goes around a curve in the road at high speeds. Some other acts that lead to these accidents every year include falling asleep at the wheel, using a cell phone, and general distracted driving. In other cases, a driver might run into a curb, causing the center of gravity to become “off,” leading to a serious rollover accident.

Risky Maneuvers: Aggressive driving and other risky behavior on our roads can also lead to rollover accidents. A vehicle is more likely to tip onto its side when there is friction between the tires. This happens to heavily loaded vehicles and trucks in the highest amount of cases. 

Multi-Vehicle Crashes: If a vehicle is struck on the side, it can be pushed into an oncoming vehicle, which could cause it to roll in traffic. These accidents take place at high speeds on our highways every week.

How We Can Avoid Serious Rollover Accidents

It is true that you cannot control every situation on our roads, but there are a few tips to keep in mind when attempting to avoid serious rollover accidents:

Working to Prevent Rollover Accidents on West Virginia RoadwaysDrive Sober: By avoiding drinking and driving and other distractions on our roads, you can reduce the risk of a serious and injurious rollover accident. If you’re intoxicated or badly distracted, it is more difficult to take a turn on the road, which could lead to a rollover in the blink of an eye.

Understand Your Vehicle: All vehicles are different. It is more likely for an SUV, van, or pickup truck to roll than any other type of passenger vehicle. These vehicles can easily become stable due to the center of gravity, which is why they should always be controlled safely. 

Never Speed: In 40% of all fatal rollovers, speed was a major factor. This is why you do not want to ever drive over the speed limit, especially in bad road conditions.

Speaking with a West Virginia Personal Injury Attorney 

Rollover accidents can lead to devastating results, which is why our personal injury attorneys would like to offer their support to you after you have been injured in a serious West Virginia car accident. At Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner, we would like to reach out a helping hand if you believe that you have been injured at the hands of a negligent party. Please contact us for more information at 304-431-4050.

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