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Brain Injury FAQ: How a West Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Can Help


After a West Virginia car accident, you might be feeling at a loss for how you will move forward and come to terms with your injuries. Some of the injuries that individuals sustain in West Virginia car accidents are minor in nature and only take days to weeks of recovery, while others have certain permanency to them. If you have received a traumatic brain injury in an accident, you need a West Virginia personal injury lawyer on your side who will stand by your side as you work toward reimbursement for your losses. But first, you might be curious about all aspects involved in the personal injury process after you have received a brain injury. We would like to answer all of your burning questions.

Brain Injury FAQ 

Are there different types of brain injuries? Yes – the two main categories encompass traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are those that happen due to a car accident and vary from injuries where an object pierces the skull and enters into the brain, to impacts causing localized bleeding on the brain, to shaking and rotational forcing on the brain, and more. Some of these injuries can be fatal, while others will cause serious results to those involved. 

What happens immediately after a brain injury occurs? Immediately after you have been involved in a car accident and received a brain injury, your functioning could be vastly affected. For instance, you could experience a coma or loss of consciousness in the worst cases, which could create a desperate situation for weeks to months if you ever recover. Respiration and motor function issues might occur temporarily or permanently. As time passes, if you are expected to recover from your brain injury, many of these effects will subside. 

BrainWhat long-term impact could a brain injury have on your life? The impact that a brain injury could have on the rest of your life could vary based on the circumstances involved in your case. For instance, you might find that your particular injury has an effect on your ability to form memories, you might be more prone to emotional outbursts, or your movement and strength might be affected. As you can see, many of these aspects could have a huge effect on your social life and your career, which can be tiring and distressing on many levels. 

Are there benefits of filing a lawsuit for my brain injury? You might be eligible for damages after you have been harmed and impacted by a brain injury at the hands of a negligent driver. This means that you could qualify for lost wage payments, medical bill repayments, and emotional suffering. Bringing a lawsuit could help support you financially as you learn to adapt to the injuries that could stick with you for life.

If I was injured years ago, do I still have a chance to bring a claim? It is always imperative that you start speaking with an attorney immediately after your accident. However, you still have a chance to bring a claim if you have waited. You must remember that there is a statute of limitations on personal injury claims in West Virginia. In West Virginia, you have two years to bring your claim before you are barred from doing so. This means that you should act quickly to retain your rights at all costs.

Speaking with an Experienced West Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve been injured in a traumatic accident and now you are suffering from a severe brain injury and aren’t sure of where you can turn during this difficult time. At Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner, we have handled many personal injury claims in West Virginia including those with the most serious brain injuries. Facing the reality of a serious accident can be distressing and complex, but you are not alone. Please contact us at (304) 713-2014 to find out what we can do for you.