Eating While Driving: The Foods That Cause the Most Accidents

Silver car with front end damage from an accident.Stopping at a drive-thru window is one of our favorite pastimes, which is why we do it so often. Whether you’re picking up a taco, some pizza, or a cheeseburger from your favorite eatery, you’re somebody who is always on the go and so it makes it difficult to sit down and just enjoy a meal. Many people believe that it is normal to enjoy food behind the wheel – and it is. However, just because it has become an aspect of everyday life does not mean that the act is safe.

The National Highway Traffic Administration actually conducted a recent study that shows that eating is a greater distraction on our roads than using a cell phone while driving. Almost everyone is guilty of doing it at least once, which means that the rates for these accidents are always increasing. Today, we want to take a closer look at why eating and driving is so dangerous, and some of the most accident-causing foods we eat behind the wheel every year.

Why Eating and Driving is Dangerous 

At some point when you are eating and driving, the act will cause you to take both hands off of the wheel, which can put lives in danger. Your food isn’t handed to you ready to eat. No, you will engage in unwrapping your food, opening sauce packets, and wiping up spills on surfaces – all while driving! There is no way for you to safely drive a vehicle and have your eyes on your food and drinks.

Passengers eating in your vehicle can be equally as distracting. Perhaps the sounds and smells that come from the backseat take your attention from the road even if you are not actively engaging in eating. Your friends might offer you bites of their food or sneak you fries while you are driving. On top of that, you or your friends might cause clutter in your vehicle. It’s easy to toss your mess to the bottom floor of your vehicle, but that same clutter can make for a dangerous environment when you are driving.

Most Dangerous Foods 

Some foods are more dangerous than others, according to the NHTSA. This is due to the fact that some foods are greasier and have a higher chance of spilling onto your lap while driving. Here are just a few of the most dangerous foods in any vehicle:

Chocolate: Though delicious, chocolate tends to leave fingerprints. Cleaning up chocolate from your vehicle can prove to bring major distractions, taking your hands off of the wheel for some time and causing you to lose control.

Soft Drinks: Even the smallest act of grabbing a soft drink from a cup holder can be a challenge and one that can lead to an accident.

Tacos: While driving along, the inside of a taco might end up all over your lap. Any erratic movement on the road can cause a serious spill that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Hamburgers: Hamburgers tend to be greasy, which means that there might be a big mess in your vehicle or cause you to lose a grip on your steering wheel. Hamburgers are one of the most consumed meals on our roads, but also one of the most dangerous. 

Coffee: Coffee is the most dangerous food to have in your vehicle while driving. Many people think of solid foods on this list, but coffee takes the cake. This is due to the fact that coffee can spill hot liquid and has caused major accidents in the past because of this.

Eating while driving is a dangerous act that can lead to a West Virginia car accident in the blink of an eye. Because it can be such a life-threatening or injury-causing act, it is important to save the food and drinks for later. If you have been involved in a serious car accident at the hands of a reckless driver, you might have options for recovery for a wide variety of damages. At Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner, our experienced car accident attorneys will help you through this challenging time. Please reach out to us at (304) 713-2014 for more information on how we can help.


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