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Avoiding Truck Accidents: Tips for Driving Safe Around Truck Drivers


Truck accidents tend to not happen as commonly as other motor vehicle accidents due to the fact that truck drivers have to abide by regulations on our roadways, as well as the fact that they have months upon months of specialized training that will help them prevent these accidents. When a truck accident takes place involving a motor vehicle, there is a chance that it will lead to catastrophic injuries or even fatal results. This is why, as the driver of a motor vehicle, it is imperative to understand some ways that you can drive safely around truck drivers and prevent these horrific accidents on our roads.

Driving Safely Around Large Trucks 

By remembering some safety tips, a severe truck accident can be prevented and lives could even be saved.

Blind Spots: Commercial trucks tend to have many blind spots that make it extremely difficult to see an approaching vehicle at any given time. This is why you must always avoid certain areas around these large vehicles, such as 20 feet ahead of a truck, 30 feet behind a truck, and two lanes wide on the right side of the truck. Truck drivers might not always see you, which can cause accidents while merging or turning. 

Overturned truckAlways Use Signals: Because trucks are so much heavier than other types of vehicles, they require more time and distance to do the same maneuvers that a passenger vehicle could do easily. You should always use your turn signals if you are driving with large trucks because it will show the truck driver what you intend to do.

Give Truck Space: You should always give a truck driver plenty of space when you are riding alongside them. Trucks can take up a large amount of space, especially when they are making wide turns. If you drive too close to a large truck, there is a higher likelihood that you will become involved in an accident.

Passing Safely: Commercial trucks require more space to move around in traffic, which means that you should always exercise caution when you attempt to pass them. If you are traveling on the left side, there is a greater chance that the driver of the commercial truck will actually see you. Wait until you have the chance to pass safely. 

Adjusting Headlights: Truck drivers can easily become blinded by headlights when they reflect off of a truck’s large mirrors. This is why motor vehicle drivers should always lower their high beams anytime they see a truck approaching.

Distractions: Distractions not only take your eyes and attention away from the roadways, but they also lead to dangerous results. Drivers should always stay away from texting and driving, making phone calls, eating, and using GPS while driving.

Seeking the Help of a Truck Accident Lawyer 

At Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner, our truck accident attorneys have handled many cases involving truck drivers and motor vehicle drivers that ended in serious results to those involved. We understand that, following an accident involving injuries, you might be feeling lost and confused and wonder how you can move forward with a claim for compensation. Let us help you get started; give us a call today at (304) 713-2014.