The Types of Expert Witnesses You Might See in Your Accident Case

White car with front end damage after a car accident being loaded onto a tow truck.When you have been involved in a car accident, you might have already heard the word ‘witness,’ which is somebody who has seen the accident take place and can testify on your behalf based on this information. However, many people are unfamiliar with an ‘expert witness,’ which is much different in a car accident claim. While a witness might be barred from telling their side of the story if your case makes it to court, an expert witness can testify about a wide variety of matters on your behalf based on their knowledge on the specific laws in your case.

Expert witnesses are necessary in many types of personal injury cases for many reasons. They can provide you with expert opinion in a certain area of expertise, which not only gives them credibility but boosts the outcome of your case as the judge or jury gains insight into a specific subject on a whole new level. This is some of the best evidence that you could ask for, as you might not have been able to express just how excruciating it has been to face your personal injury case on your own.

If you have been involved in a serious car accident involving many elements that caused you severe damages, it might be an important step to receive an expert witness to give testimony with the help of your legal representation by your side. What types of expert witnesses might play a role in your case?

Types of Expert Witnesses in Your Case

Medical Expert: If you have been seriously injured but you cannot fully explain the extent of your injuries so that you will be taken seriously in the courtroom, a medical expert might be necessary. They can give some of the best testimony in regards to giving their opinion on what your medical bills are worth and what they will be worth in the future, as well as other types of specialized care you might need as time goes on. 

Mental Health Expert: A mental health expert can give the courts a better understanding of the emotional toll that your car accident has left on your life and how it has severely impacted your quality of life as you go through every day. 

Reconstruction Expert: Experts who have skill in accident reconstruction can rebuild the moments that led up to your accident, which can link your injuries to the accident that another person caused. 

Employment Economist: If you have had to miss work due to your severe injuries and the bills continue to pile up, or if you have special needs in the workplace due to your injuries, an economist will be able to speak on your behalf. 

Highway Expert: A safety expert who understands highway conditions will be able to speak on behalf of these conditions and how they might have led to your accident in these types of cases.

Maintaining Legal Help

As you can see, you will never handle a personal injury claim on your own when you have a team of experts on your side. At Katz Kantor Stonestreet & Buckner, we believe that it is always best to have an experienced network of professionals on your side who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve after assessing how much your case is worth and helping you work toward success. We have handled many car accident cases in West Virginia and are willing to stand by your side. Contact us for more information at (304) 713-2014.


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