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West Virginia Car Accidents That Take Place at Stop Signs


Intersections are a dangerous place where many serious accidents take place every year. Approximately 40% of fatal crashes that happen each year across the country take place at stop sign intersections. Even though one of the most basic things that we learn before we obtain our license is how to proceed when we are at a stop sign, these accidents continue to occur and cause serious results to those involved.

There are so many types of stop sign accidents that take place on West Virginia roads, from drivers striking a person who ran a stop sign to multiple vehicles colliding at a four-way stop. It is important to know that you have rights if you have been involved in one of these accidents.

Reasons for Accidents at Stop Signs in West Virginia

Stop signs have been put in place on our roads for a reason, which is why it is important to always abide by the law while at a stop sign. In some areas, stop signs play more than just a role involving vehicles but also exist to help the pedestrian population stay safe, especially if it is particularly high in a certain area. Today, we would like to discuss some of the reasons why stop sign accidents occur so frequently on our roads.

Not Recognizing Stop Sign: At a two-way stop intersection, many people believe that oncoming traffic also has a stop sign, but this is not always the case. Some of these drivers pull to a complete stop at a stop sign and even notice the other vehicle coming toward them. Then, suddenly, they pull out, thinking that the other vehicle coming in their direction has a stop sign as well. This leads to a T-bone collision, which is one of the most serious kinds of accidents on our roads. From these accidents comes the reality that a passenger or driver could be struck with force from the side of the vehicle being crushed inward. This is why it is important to never make assumptions and always stop for other drivers.

Failing to Yield: One of the most common scenarios that apply to stop sign accidents is when a driver fails to yield at a stop sign. These accidents usually occur when two people are coming through an intersection because they do not stop for one another. These accidents can lead to serious injuries in the blink of an eye.

Impatience: When a driver is in a hurry, you never know what they will do. In some cases, a stop sign might not even be on a driver’s mind. In other cases, they know that they must come to a stop but fail to do so because they are rushing. If this happens, a collision is nearly bound to happen.

Distractions: Some people text while driving or talk to other passengers in the vehicle. These are all distractions and can very easily cause a driver to take their focus off of the roads, which can lead to a serious accident when they proceed through a stop sign without thinking.

Drunk Driving: Being impaired can make it difficult for an individual to know that they must stop at a stop sign. Many of these individuals are visually impaired and won’t even see it until it’s too late.

How a West Virginia Car Accident Attorney Can Help

It is against the law for a driver to breeze through a stop sign without stopping. Because of this, if you have been injured in one of these serious West Virginia car accidents, it is important to hold a party liable for their negligent actions. At Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner, our experienced personal injury attorneys are fully dedicated to your case and want to hold a driver accountable for the negligent actions leading up to your accident. Please contact us at (304) 713-2014 to find out how we can help you.