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Tips for Avoiding Head-On Collisions

Car accident scene involving a red car flipped on its roof and a hatchback stopped sideways on the highway. Traffic is passing in the outside line and first responders are treating the injured.

Recently, a deadly head-on collision happened in Jefferson County. According to WDTV, the fatal accident happened on a Thursday afternoon on Middleway Pike. The vehicles involved were a Chevrolet Silverado and an RV.

Reportedly, the Silverado was traveling west on Middleway Pike when it struck a concrete barrier, crossed the centerline into the eastbound lane, and struck the RV head-on. The driver of the Silverado died in the crash. The driver of the RV suffered severe injuries and was flown to Fairfax Hospital for treatment.

The other occupants in the RV escaped injury. There were no passengers in the Silverado. Police were still investigating the incident at the time of this report.

Follow the 4 R’s to Avoid Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are often hard to avoid. However, there are ways you can increase your chances of avoiding a head-on crash. One of those ways involves following the four R’s for avoiding head-on collisions, which are:

  • Read – This involves reading the road ahead. Keep an eye out for hazards on the road a few miles ahead whenever possible. The sooner you notice that something is wrong on the road ahead, such as a vehicle driving the wrong way and heading for you, the more time you have to avoid a head-on collision.
  • Right – Never swerve to the left if you’re facing a head-on collision. The other driver’s instinct may be to swerve back into the correct lane, which could result in your vehicles colliding. Instead, pull to the right. If there are multiple lanes, leave a lane to your left open. If there’s only one lane, pull to the right and onto to the shoulder if necessary to avoid the collision.
  • Reduce – If you are faced with the prospect of a head-on collision, reduce your speed. This will give you and the other driver more time to avoid the collision. Make sure you only slow down and don’t slam on your brakes. This could result in a vehicle hitting your vehicle from behind and forcing you into the head-on collision you were trying to avoid.
  • Ride – If all else fails, ride off the road. Do the best you can to safely avoid a direct head-on collision. Pull off the road onto the shoulder, or at least, ride off the road enough that instead of colliding head-on with the other vehicle, you just sideswipe one another. Your chances of survival are much better if you don’t collide head-on with the other vehicle.

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