The Damages That Might Be Available in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

What is a wrongful death case and when does it apply to your specific situation? These specific types of cases are brought by survivors of a person’s estate after they lose their lives in an accident. If you have lost somebody close to you by the negligence of another party’s reckless actions, you and your loved ones might be able to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit. There are specific rules that must be followed in every state, but an experienced attorney will be able to help you with many of the details in your case.

Many people wonder what wrongful death damages might be available to them after they have been involved in one of these cases. There are many types of damages that might be available to you and your loved ones after losing someone close to you on both economic and non-economic levels. If you have lost a loved one, you might think about how they might have contributed financially to your family. All loved ones also provide emotional support to those in their lives, which means that your family will now suffer a wide variety of losses related to this. It is important to understand what damages are almost always rewarded in these special types of cases as you move forward.

Damages Rewarded in Wrongful Death Cases

Medical Bills: Before somebody passes away, they will usually receive some type of medical treatment. With this treatment sometimes costing thousands of dollars, you and your loved ones might find yourself in the midst of many expenses. 

Funeral Costs: Funerals are another expense that families should not have to worry about once they have had to say goodbye to a loved one. Because of the funeral, you might receive a great financial strain on you and your family, which means that you will need compensation to help you alleviate the stress that comes with these cases. 

Lost Income: These are some of the most significant awards given to a family. What happens if your loved one was the breadwinner in the family and supported you and your children in many ways? If you are now left with very little due to the loss of a loved one, you might be entitled to these damages, which will put you or your loved ones in a better financial situation.

Lost Benefits: Perhaps your loved one had benefits that took care of their children, spouse, or other parties. These include aspects like healthcare, pension plans, Social Security, and more. 

Childcare: The loss of a non-working parent who provides childcare can put a huge financial strain on a family. Courts could take a look at how much childcare, housekeeping, and other at-home costs are to determine what you are owed after somebody who once provided these services is no longer with you.

Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering isn’t rewarded in every case. These damages can compensate family members for the emotional distress they feel following a loss, however. If you have suffered emotional trauma due to your losses, you have many rights.

We understand how desperate you and your loved ones might be feeling following the death of a loved one. At Katz Kantor Stonestreet & Buckner, we do not want you to feel alone as you work on building your case and working toward the compensation you deserve in your time of need. Help is on your side. Contact us today for more information on how we can play a role in your wrongful death lawsuit at (304) 713-2014.

Note: This post was created with the help of secondary sources operating independently from Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner Law Firm. The information used from these sources has not been independently confirmed by our staff. If anything included in these posts is incorrect, please inform us and we will promptly correct the post.

Disclaimer: Our intent with these posts is to honor the victims of these terrible accidents and inform the public about how to avoid these accidents and what to do in the event of one. This information should not be considered legal or medical advice. 


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