Multiple Ways That You Can Drive Defensively and Prevent Accidents

Silver SUV that has been rear ended by a silver sedan.Obviously, it is impossible to avoid every accident that takes place on our roadways. When a driver comes out of nowhere and there is no time for you to slam on your brakes, a collision cannot always be avoided. However, there are some ways that you can work to prevent the many accidents that pop up on our roadways every year.

What is Defensive Driving?

By driving defensively, lives are saved every year. But what is defensive driving? This is a type of action that takes place on our roads that involves using safe driving strategies to identify hazards and avoid them. This is a way that many drivers make well-informed decisions so that accidents are avoided and everybody who shares the roads is safe from harm. Why many people are learning to drive defensively is because about 14,000 people are killed every year in accidents across the United States, and about 3,236,000 injuries will result from these accidents as well. There is a huge physical and emotional impact due to these accidents every year, which is why prevention is key.

Defensive Driving Tips

Focus on Driving: With a better focus on driving, many distracted driving accidents can be prevented. Distracted driving accounts for a large majority of the accidents that take place every day on our roads. 100% of your attention should be on the roads instead of multi-tasking, such as fiddling with the radio or phone.

Stay Aware: You should always stay aware of others around you as well and expect the unexpected. If a motorist makes one wrong move, you should be prepared to avoid it. Given, not all accidents can be avoided, but there is a chance that the accident will be preventable if you see it coming.

Make Safe Driving Plan: Everybody needs road breaks, especially if they will be driving for quite some time. You should make plans to stop every once in a while so that you can avoid becoming drowsy and give yourself time to stretch. You should also pull over so that you can adjust aspects of your vehicle such as your seat and climate controls, as well as taking the time to eat and drink when you are not driving.

Practice Safety: You can stay safe by securing cargo that might move around on your vehicle, never attempt to retrieve items that fell onto your floor while driving, keep things within your reach that you need, and always wear your seatbelts in case an accident occurs.

Speaking with an Attorney After Your Accident

As mentioned, not every accident will be avoidable on our roads, but many are. At Katz Kantor Stonestreet & Buckner, our West Virginia car accident attorneys have handled many claims in the past, a wide majority of those that could have been prevented. We believe that working actively on your personal injury claim from the very beginning will get you the best results, especially when you believe another person is liable in the event of your accident. Please contact us so that we can help you get started on your claim at (304) 713-2014.


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