Watching Out for the Warning Signs of Distracted Driving on Our Roads

Silver car with front end damage from an accident.Across America, more and more distracted driving accidents take place every day that lead to serious injuries and fatalities to those involved. Just to show you how serious these accidents can be, we would like to remind you that, in 2016 alone, distracted driving accidents claimed 3,450 lives, making them one of the most dangerous negligent acts that take place on our roads. More and more laws are being passed each year that attempt to prevent these serious and life-altering accidents, but, even so, they continue to happen due to reckless drivers who do not abide by the rules of the road.

Anything that requires somebody to multitask behind the wheel of a car is distracting and can easily lead to a severe accident. There are many reasons why these accidents happen every year, from those who attempt to eat while they are driving to those who choose to text and drive, or fiddle with the radio instead of paying attention to the roadways. We would like to show you the many warning signs of a distracted driver so that you can protect yourself on our roads.

Warning Signs 

Swerving on Road: If somebody is veering all over the road, there is a good chance that they are participating in an act that is taking their attention away from the road. This means that you should always maintain your distance and make sure that there is space between you and the other party. If somebody is potentially distracted, there is no telling what could happen.

Braking Erratically: If somebody is driving distracted, they might be caught off-guard by a vehicle that brakes suddenly in front of them. The driver might slam on their brakes immediately, which could put you at risk if there is not ample space between your vehicle and their vehicle. In the worst cases, the driver might even crash into the vehicle in front of them. Maintain a safe following distance at all times, just as you would in any other scenario.

Pausing at Red Lights: When you’re sitting at a red light, you might notice that the driver in the vehicle next to you sees this as an opportunity to take their eyes from the road and check that text message or fiddle with the radio. If a light turns green, the driver might not even notice. If the driver is sitting at a green light and not moving, there is a good chance that they are driving distracted and are not engaged in the road. 

Earbud Usage: Many motorists now use earbuds while driving. In many cases, this signifies the fact that a driver is using a hands-free device, but this means that they might be engaging in other distracting actions such as changing a song, dialing a phone number, or switching into hands-free, which could take their hands and eyes off the roads for more than a second.

If You Have Been Injured 

If it is already too late and you have been involved in an accident with a distracted driver, you might wonder what options you have for recovery. Luckily, our personal injury attorneys at Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet, & Bucknerare always willing to help in your time of need. We have helped a variety of clients with their West Virginia car accident cases in the past, including those who have been affected by distracted drivers. Please contact us to find out how our attorneys can make a difference in your case at (304) 713-2014.


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