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Taking Quick Action Following Your Car Accident: What You Should Do


Two paramedics rush a patient away from an ambulance. Many people are completely unaware of what they should do after a car accident. This might mean that, in the actual event of a car accident, you could become vastly confused about what your first steps should be and miss critical evidence when it comes to preserving your claim to the best of your ability. By understanding these steps and going into it with a clear mind, you can be prepared for anything.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Check for Injuries: Of course, your health and well-being is the first and foremost important thing that you need to be sure of following a car accident. If you’re injured or severely injured, you don’t want to be moving around and making the injuries worse, so you will need to get ahold of emergency responders by calling 911.

Check on Passengers and Other Drivers: The safety of others is crucial as well because, even if you are okay, others might be in need of help because they have sustained life-threatening injuries. Some injuries are not as on-the-surface as others, which means that you should always call for help if you suspect that anybody is suffering from injuries. 

Move to Safety: If you are able to, it is always a good idea to move your vehicle out of the roadway and get yourself to safety so that further accidents are not caused. Your life might be at risk if you are sitting in the middle of the roadway, especially in areas where you might not be seen by oncoming vehicles. 

Call Police: From the most minor fender-benders to major collisions, it is important to have somebody on your side who understands how to document these cases and what has happened. Police can help you get medical attention and gain better documentation on your accident that can be used later if you decide to file a claim. 

Exchange Information: If you have determined that you and the others involved in the accident are okay or help is on the way, you should always try to exchange information where possible. These include aspects such as the person’s full name and their contact, insurance company and policy number, license plate number, color and model of the vehicle they were driving, and the location of the accident. 

Work on Documentation: Document everything you can before you leave the scene such as the names of the officers who assisted you, where you can obtain a copy of the police report, any photographs you might need of the vehicles or road conditions at the time, and more. You should also try to speak with any witnesses who might have seen your accident occur in full.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer 

There are no guidelines that state whether or not you should hire a personal injury attorney, but it might be a good idea under the circumstances if you have been injured or otherwise suffered a wide array of damages and you are not sure of where you will turn.

At Katz Kantor Stonestreet & Buckner, our experienced car accident attorneys in West Virginia have helped a wide variety of clients who have suffered greatly at the hands of negligent parties on our roads. From gathering evidence in the initial stages to working through the process of settlement or trial, it is important to have somebody on your side with particular legal knowledge who can help when you need them most. We are here for you, so give us a call to get started on your claim at (304) 713-2014.