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Steps You Should Take Following a Serious Bicycle Accident


Bicycle with no rider, leaning against a wall. One of the most recent years where bicycle accident statistics were taken was 2016, which is when approximately 840 people lost their lives in traffic crashes across the United States. When a crash takes place between the motor vehicle driver and a bicyclist, the person who was riding a bike is, of course, going to experience more serious injuries. This can have many reasons, but one of the biggest is due to the fact that bicyclists have very few protections on our roads aside from helmets, which puts them at a higher risk in these serious accidents with motor vehicles. Because bicycle accidents continue to take place on our roads, it is important to know what options you have following an accident.

After Your Bicycle Accident 

After your bicycle accident, it is important to understand what steps you should take so that you can protect your rights during this difficult time. We will walk you through some steps so that you are prepared.

Contact Police: After an accident, if you or anyone else has been injured, it is vital and mandatory that the police are called. Not only can police assess whether or not somebody needs to be taken to a hospital for care, but they can get to the bottom of an accident with the facts that can help all parties move forward. After an accident, a cyclist might not realize that they are injured until many days to weeks later. The driver responsible for your accident might even receive a ticket for the accident, which could help you immensely when it becomes time to start speaking about liability and more. 

Creation of the Accident Report: You also want to ensure that you share your side of the story with the police who arrive at the scene because the driver involved might try to skew the facts. Your version of events can be vital for the police report on your accident, which will be used in settlement or court to help you prove your accident and compensate. If the law enforcement officers who arrive at the scene don’t speak with you, you can later have the police report amended to include the other information.

Obtaining Contact Information: There are many types of information that you want to obtain from those involved including the names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information, and more. You don’t want to assume that the police report includes this information. You don’t want to lose out. 

Documenting Injuries: There are many parts of the accident that you want to remember and document. You want to retain information on what happened, how it happened, who was there, and what the road conditions were like at the time. Write down this information as soon as possible so that you don’t forget any of the important facts. 

Speaking to an Attorney: After you have preserved as much evidence as possible, you should always take your case to an attorney so that you can gain help as you deal with some of the complications that become readily apparent in these cases. Attorneys can advise you on many aspects of how to proceed, how to negotiate with the insurance companies, and more.

At Katz Kantor Stonestreet & Buckner, our experienced personal injury attorneys are here for you after you have gone through one of the most difficult aspects in your life. Following a bicycle accident, you might be suffering on emotional, financial, and physical levels, which is why our attorneys would like to extend a helping hand to you during this difficult time. Contact an attorney that you can trust with your case at (304) 713-2014. We are waiting to hear from you.