Delayed Injuries: Can I Still File a Claim for Compensation?

Did you know that, in just one year’s time in the U.S., there are over six million car crashes? This means that you could easily become or know somebody who has been negatively impacted by a West Virginia car accident – or anywhere else in the world. What many people do not understand is that the aftermath of a car accident is not always evident, especially when you believe that you have walked away unscathed. Within weeks or months, you might not be feeling so sure as injuries start to show themselves.

The Reality of Delayed Injuries After a Car Accident

Yes, we always expect injuries to turn up after a car accident within just a few hours or days. You might picture an accident taking place and immediately traveling to the hospital so that you can be treated for your injuries. However, the reality is far too common that you might not even notice that you have been injured directly after an accident. For instance, you might shrug off the accident, collect information, call the police, and go home – only to find out, days later, that you have been severely injured and must now make a trip to the hospital. After an accident, the adrenaline is rushing and injuries might not be apparent, but this does not mean that the possibility should be ignored.

Common Types of “Missed” Injuries After a Car Accident

Concussions: Brain damage on any level has the ability to be a very serious injury that can have far-reaching consequences in your future. Though some brain injuries can leave you in a coma or even cause sudden death, concussion injuries might not be so apparent and could take days for you to realize that you have suffered. If you are not aware that you have a concussion, it can cause serious results within days or weeks. You could receive lasting damage. This is why, if you suspect in any way that you might have sustained a blow to the head, you should always go to the hospital or your doctor just to be sure.

Whiplash: When the neck is jerked back and forth in a quick motion, the reality of whiplash becomes clearer. The symptoms of whiplash usually don’t show up right away but could take days to show themselves, such as worsening neck pain, dizziness, and even numbness in the upper portion of your body. Many of these injuries happen after a rear-end accident and can become aggravated in time.

Herniated Discs: Herniated discs might not cause you pain for quite some time but they are still there. Over time, a herniated disc tends to get worse if you aggravate the injury or if you do not receive the necessary treatment to prevent it from getting worse. These injuries can become extremely painful and expensive to treat.

Following Your West Virginia Car Accident

If you have been injured in a West Virginia car accident, it is time to act. You never want to delay treatment after an accident because not only could this mean that you are putting your health at risk, but it could also mean that you will miss out on opportunities for compensation that you might have been eligible for if you had received treatment from the very beginning. Our personal injury attorneys have handled many claims like these and are skilled at helping you achieve reimbursement for your losses. Please contact us at Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner at (304) 713-2014 for more information on how we can assist you in your time of need.


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