Ways You Can Avoid a West Virginia Road Rage Accident

In 2017, approximately 303 individuals were killed in fatal West Virginia accidents that took place at the hands of negligent parties. Thousands upon thousands more were injured, many even hospitalized that same year. You might not have known it, but a leading cause of accidents on our roadways this past year was due to road rage.

What is road rage? Road rage and aggressive driving incidents take place on our roads every day and involve severely negligent drivers. When a driver fails to keep calm, it can lead to a dangerous result. This is why we would like to share the many ways that you can avoid a West Virginia road rage accident.

Tips for Avoiding Road Rage Accidents

Avoiding Aggressive Driving: Aggressive driving can breed aggressive driving. This means that, when somebody is acting with outright negligence and road rage, you might feel inclined to do the same as the emotions get hot. The best way that you can prevent a serious and dangerous road rage accident is to keep calm at all times on the roadways. You might not be able to change the driving of another person but you can control what you do personally.

This is why, when it comes to actions like tailgating, cutting off another vehicle, or weaving in and out of traffic that is either moving slowly or at quick speeds, you should avoid them at all costs. If another person is acting erratically, it is best to avoid them completely instead of giving in and displaying the same acts. Try to let an aggressive driver pass you or pull over if you need to.

Staying Polite: If you act in a polite manner, aggressive driving is not likely to follow you. For instance, using your horn in every scenario that happens to you is not always a good idea, as it could aggravate a situation. For instance, if somebody almost pulls out in front of you but then stops themselves at the last minute, it is okay to blare your horn if you believe you’re going to be struck. However, you should never continuously lay on the horn and wave a fist at them. The other driver might react aggressively as well, which could easily lead to devastating consequences, as we never know another person’s intentions.

Never Speeding: If somebody is trying to pass you, let them. You should never become competitive and speed up, as you could be putting both of your lives, as well as others who share the roads, in danger. Observe the speed limit and never try to match another driver’s if they are not abiding by the rules of the road.

Calling Police When Necessary: If you feel as if another driver is endangering your life, you have a right to call the authorities. If there is a nearby police station and you feel that a driver is acting especially erratically, it might be time to drive to the station. Never consider confronting a driver who is engaging in road rage.

How Our West Virginia Accident Attorneys Can Help You

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