Trucking Companies & Liability in West Virginia Truck Accidents

Being involved in a serious truck accident at the hands of a negligent party can be a life-changing event due to the fact that these accidents are quite large compared to many other vehicles on our roads, which means that there is a higher prevalence that you could sustain catastrophic injuries or a loved one could be killed in one of these accidents. Because so many truck accidents take place every year, it is important to understand when a truck driver and when a trucking company could be liable for your injuries.

By understanding the many ways that a trucking company could be liable for an accident, you could hold them liable for the harm that you have sustained in the midst of a serious accident. From there, you can speak with your West Virginia personal injury attorney and move forward toward the compensation you deserve.

Holding a Trucking Company Liable After an Accident

Unqualified: The amount of truck drivers who are now available to work for trucking companies is lower and lower every year. Because of this, trucking companies tend to invite any and all types of drivers to work for them, which means that they might choose drivers who do not have the experience necessary to operate a truck to standards. If a truck driver is ill-equipped for the job, a serious accident could result. This is why trucking companies must abide by all laws and remember aspects like proper licensing, qualifications, training, and more when making decisions.

Driver Violations: There are many trucking violations that could take place every year including intoxicated drivers, improper driving practices such as failing to abide by a red light, speeding and other reckless driving, inadequate sleep before going back onto the road, and improper loading. In some cases, you might even find out that a company was aware of the violations and continued to break the laws.

Poor Maintenance: Trucks must be properly maintained at all times. There are regulations that a trucking company must abide by to meet certain standards for maintenance including regular inspections and repairs when a truck needs it. By allowing safe trucks on the roadway, the number of fatal truck accidents could lessen.

Failing Federal Regulations: Resting guidelines are important because they allow for truck drivers to have adequate rest so that they do not fall asleep at the wheel. If trucking companies avoid these rules of the road and push their drivers to the limit even when they are not getting the rest they need, serious results will occur.

Unsafe Loading: When a truck is going to another location and they are taking a load along with them, the cargo must be securely loaded. This means that straps must be tightened, weight must abide by guidelines, the truck must be balanced, and many other related aspects.

How a West Virginia Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Many West Virginia truck accidents come with serious results. Our personal injury attorneys have skills that we apply to a wide variety of cases every year so that we can help parties move forward with their personal injury claims. Please contact us at Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner for more information on how we can assist you in your time of need.


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