Paralysis Caused by a Car Accident and Its Impact on Your Life

two paramedics rush a patient away from an ambulance. In the most severe West Virginia car accidents, a victim might experience paralysis, which is one of the most devastating and permanent injuries that a person can go through after their accident. These injuries most often happen when a car accident causes severe injuries to the spine, including places like the vertebrae, ligaments, or discs. A simple slip can lead to full-body paralysis that has a huge impact on the rest of an individual’s life and forever changes everything, from your career to your social relationships.

Statistics show that, since 2010, over 36% of newly-reported spinal cord injury cases took place due to car accidents. This means that they are now one of the leading causes of paralysis. When somebody’s negligence has caused a paralysis event and, as a result, you will not be able to return to your normal life, you might wonder how you can move forward.

We all know somebody living with paralysis, sometimes at the hands of a serious car accident. About one in 50 people are living with some type of paralysis, which means that these same people might never lead a normal life as they did before their accidents. If you are one of these individuals, you might wonder how you can receive the help you deserve as you hold a party liable for their actions.

The Reality of Paralysis and the Impact it Leaves 

Paralysis is an inability to move a part of your body, which can take place on a temporary or permanent level depending on the position or how serious it is. Paralysis most commonly happens due to nerve damage in a specific area. If a part of the spinal cord becomes injured, there is a chance that signals will not be relayed to a certain part of the boy. For instance, if you receive an injury in the lower region of your spine, there is a chance that you will not be able to move the lower part of your body. You might be able to move certain parts of your body and not others, while others will experience full paralysis.

If you have received a spinal injury due to a car accident, there is a chance that you will need ongoing medical care, personal in-home assistance and care that you never experienced before, household services and equipment, surgery, therapy, and many out-of-pocket costs that you will not be able to handle on your own. On top of this, many people who experience a serious paralysis event will not be able to return to work on the same level they once did or at all.

If a party has caused your accident and you believe that they are liable, there is a chance that you will be able to compensate for your injuries due to their recklessness. You might be able to receive compensation for all of these aforementioned losses so that you can receive some semblance of normalcy and move forward during this challenging time.

Help You Deserve After a West Virginia Car Accident 

After an accident, a West Virginia personal injury attorney can help you through this difficult time, especially when you have received permanent injuries that will be difficult to recover from on your own. If you believe that you are entitled to compensation for your losses following a car accident, you have many rights and protections under the law. Our experienced and skilled attorneys at Katz, Kantor, Stonestreet & Buckner understand how difficult this is for you and would like to offer our support at this time. Please contact us today for more information at (304) 713-2014 to get started.


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