Disability Benefits After a West Virginia Car Accident: An FAQ

Social security disability benefits are available to those who have been seriously injured and are unable to return to work or enjoy many other aspects of their lives after an accident. Following a West Virginia personal injury accident, you might be feeling lost and confused about where you can turn, especially if you are unable to return to work in a reasonable amount of time. As the bills pile up against you, you might wonder if you will be able to receive these benefits so that you can move forward.

Today, some of your most burning questions about these benefits will be answered.

Social Security Disability Benefits FAQ 

My doctor says that it will take several months for my injuries to heal. Will I qualify for disability benefits through the healing process?
No, because social security disability benefits were designed to help those who will be suffering long-term due to their injuries. If you will be healed in a month, then you will not qualify as disabled and will not be able to receive these types of benefits. Your disability must last at least 12 months and keep you out of work for that time to qualify, which a doctor will have to approve based on your circumstances.

Can I receive benefits for aspects that will eventually heal, such as broken bones and burns?
It depends on the severity of either. For instance, if you have received a broken leg and it does not appear to be healing properly, which can leave a huge impact on your life, you might qualify for these benefits. If despite multiple surgeries, you are still unable to use the arm or leg, you might qualify. The same can be said for burns, as they can take quite a long time to heal, especially if you have been hospitalized for these burns and they have impacted your ability to carry out daily activities that you are accustomed to. Some of these burns can lead to long-term limitations that are difficult to recover from

Rear end accidentMy doctor has diagnosed me with whiplash. Will I qualify for benefits and be able to prove that I am unable to work?
It can be possible to obtain benefits for whiplash, but it is extremely difficult to do so. Whiplash that qualifies for benefits is more than just a statement that you have pain due to your accident. It might include visible injuries on an MRI, such as evidence of a serious spinal injury. Without this type of documentation, your case might not move forward. 

I do not have visible injuries from my accident but I am unable to return to work because I am having a hard time remembering things. Can I receive benefits?
It is true that not all injuries have to be visible to others to qualify. Some injuries are unseen and can still cause a lot of harm, such as traumatic brain injuries. If these deficits can be proven and they limit your work, then you might qualify. 

If I am experiencing anxiety, will I qualify for benefits?
If your anxiety is so severe that it prevents you from living your daily life and you have evidence of this, you could qualify for social security disability benefits. Some serious accidents can lead to particularly severe impacts, such as PTSD.

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