Distractions for Truck Drivers: A Big and Growing Issue

Truck drivers drive on our roadways for long hours looking at the same stretch of roadways, sometimes for hundreds of miles at a time. The job can sometimes become a long and boring one, which is why it is no surprise that truck drivers will sometimes become distracted on our roads. The problem with this is that distracted driving across the U.S. is causing more and more people to become badly injured or lose their lives every year. Accidents involving large trucks tend to be even more catastrophic due to their sheer size alone, which is why it is imperative that we put an end to distracted driving for all vehicle drivers.

If you are somebody who was involved in a truck accident in West Virginia, you want to ensure that you get in contact with attorneys who have handled many similar cases in the past and will help you retain your rights at this time.

Truck Driver Distractions

Though all types of distracted driving can be fatal and dangerous, truck drivers tend to engage in specific types of distracted driving every day. Here are just a few examples:

“Rubbernecking”: You are probably very familiar with rubbernecking if you are somebody who takes major highways to work every day. Rubbernecking takes place when you see something distracted on the side of the road and you slow down so that you can look at it. This is not limited to roadside attractions, but most commonly when somebody notices an accident alongside the road. Unfortunately, rubbernecking can lead to accidents all on its own. These incidents can cause unexpected stops, which could put others in danger.

Overturned 18-wheelerTexting and Driving: Texting and driving is something that many different drivers are guilty of and one of the most common types of distractions when it comes to driving. However, it becomes one of the most dangerous actions, as it involves multi-tasking and taking one’s eyes off the road for long periods of time. Unfortunately, driving a truck is not always fun, which means that a driver might have the urge to engage in other acts, like checking a text message.

Other Causes: Something as simple as fiddling with the radio, adjusting the GPS, or eating and drinking can cause a serious truck accident with lasting results. Truck drivers are also prone to engaging in acts such as adjusting mirrors and seats, which can draw attention away from the roads as well.

If You Have Been Injured 

Though distractions are lead contributors to serious accidents in any type of vehicle, they are more deadly in large motor vehicles such as trucks. Almost all fatal accidents involving trucks cause the fatality of somebody in a passenger vehicle because the size and speed of these trucks lead to a deadly combination. This is why truck drivers must do whatever they can to exercise caution and due diligence, working to prevent these serious accidents at all costs.

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