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Ensuring That You Get Your Personal Injury Claim Filed in Time

Pre-Existing Injuries and How They Impact Your Claim

After you have been injured in an accident, one of the biggest things on your mind is probably the fact that you want to get better and start recovering from your injuries. Many people don’t want to think about the fact that they have to act quickly when it comes to any aspects of their claim, knowing that they are not giving themselves ample time to recover from their serious injuries. Unfortunately, you will have to start thinking about the future of your case immediately due to the fact that you have time limitations when it comes to your case.

The Statute of Limitations in Your Case 

Every state has a specific deadline when it comes to filing a personal injury claim. Following this deadline, you might be barred from bringing your case, which means that you might never receive the damages you believe you deserve during this difficult time. You must always be conscious of the statute of limitations for this reason, and an attorney will be able to help you in your time of need so that you don’t miss any deadlines that are vital to your claim. Today we want to talk about different aspects involving the statute of limitations and how they apply to your case.

What is known as the ‘statute of limitations’ usually begins running on the day that you received injuries. This statute typically ranges from as short of a time period as one year to as long as six years, depending on the state in which you live. Most states have adopted what is known as the ‘discovery rule,’ however, which protects your rights after you have been involved in an accident. This means that you are not permitted to start bringing a claim until your injury has been discovered. If you had no idea about it, the clock didn’t start ticking yet. This is especially prevalent in cases where the pain following an accident is not immediate but shows up over time, prompting you to make an appointment. If you then discover that you have suffered a serious injury, your time will start to run out on the statute of limitations.

If a child has been injured in an accident, the judge in your case will typically extend the statute of limitations on their behalf, as they are some of the most vulnerable parties who will be injured in accidents every single year.

Never Wait… Speak with an Attorney!  

Ensuring That You Get Your Personal Injury Claim Filed in TimeStarting a successful claim takes time, which is why you never want to delay. Even if you are expected to spend time in the hospital, you should start making calls to get started on your claim so that you don’t run out of vital time when it comes to your claim. Even in cases where your injuries are minor, you don’t want to handle your claim on your own. Instead, you should always try to speak with an experienced professional about your claim so that you can ensure that it is being handled properly from the beginning and that those time limits are not missed.

At Katz Kantor Stonestreet & Buckner, we have helped many clients receive proven case results during one of the most difficult times in their lives. If you find yourself in a position where you are suffering from serious injuries and are not sure of where to turn as you gather evidence and build your claim, we want you to know that you are never alone. Our personal injury attorneys are here for you every step of the way. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you in your time of need at 304-431-4050.

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